The Society publishes a monthly newsletter, “Retrospect” and a periodic Journal, both of which are free to members.
The Society has also published booklets on matters of local interest and these, as well as copies of the Journals, are available to purchase.
Please contact the Secretary, Elizabeth Friend, via email for further information.

JOURNALS of the Axbridge Archaeological and Local History Society
Journal 2007
Were Lower Palaeolithic People Here? – Brian Hack
Hazy Glimpses Into an Earlier Time  Brian Hack
A Stone Head Found at Priddy, Somerset  Brian Hack
St. John The Baptist Church, Axbridge; Votive Altar Lights  – from the notes of the late Frank Jarmany
Axbridge Rifle Club and Range  Madeleine T. Roberts
The Axbridge Tufa Deposit  Madeleine T. Roberts
Francis Fox – Civil Engineer Margaret Jordan

Journal 2004
A Report on the analyses of the human skeletal material from King John’s Hunting Lodge, Axbridge Jeni Keen  AALHS Journal 2004 pp.1-27
The AALHS Local History Project AALHS Journal 2004 p28
Axbridge High Street: Portrait of a Mid -19th Century Community Elizabeth Holmes  AALHS Journal 2004 p29-49
The Struggle to Establish the Church of England School in 19th Century Axbridge Jane Panter.
The Coming of the Union. The Impact on Axbridge of the New Poor Law of 1834 Joyce Kirk 
Artifacts Discovered Near Priddy Chris Binding
A Possible Stone Circle Site on Mendip Brian Hack
Recording Axbridge Church Margaret Jordan
Model Church and Case at Axbridge Museum Allan Weare
The Axbridge Survey John G. Page

Journal 2002
H.M.S. Goathland – A Hunt Class, Type III Destroyer, L27 Brian Rowland
The Fry Family at Axbridge, Winscombe and Compton Bishop  Margaret Jordan
Stone Artefacts found on Mendip at Whitnall Corner Chris Binding
Law and Disorder in Axbridge in the mid Nineteenth Century Geraldine Jones
Some Observations Concerning ‘Mesolithic’ Activity in the Mendip Area  Brian Hack
A Cheddar Despot revealed John G. Page
The Stentar: A Survey of Axbridge Guild Property in 1467/8   J.B. Post

Journal 1999
Fifty Years of the Society from the Original Minutes
Worked Artefacts Found Nearby Stow Barrow   Chris Binding
Notes on the Banwell Bone Cave and its Pleistocene Fauna Andrew Currant
Wellington House Rod O’Dare ( Edited by John G. Page)
Descent of the Manor of Compton Bishop Margaret Jordan
An Unrecorded Chert Outlier on the Mendip Hills Brian Hack
More Hand Axes from Somerset Brian Hack
An Artefact of ‘Abbevallian’ or Early Acheulian Type from the Lower Reaches of the Bristol River Avon Brian Hack
Has Anyone Seen Our Burh? John G. Page and Gill Bedingfield

Journal 1989
Bob and Anne Everton Professor Philip Rahtz
A Romano-British Burial at Axbridge Vince Russett
Charterhouse-on-Mendip R.L. Burgess
Axbridge in 1841 – Margaret H. Rayfield
Some Recent Work on Mendip Brian Hack
A Romano-British Site at Rooksbridge Vince Russett

Journal 1981/2
King John’s Hunting Lodge, Axbridge. A Description of the Building Commander E.H.D. Williams & R.G. Gilson
The Lead Working Industry at Charterhouse on Mendip R.L. Burgess
Barrows Within The East Harptree Liberty Bob Williams
The Axbridge Union Workhouse Joyce Kirk

Journal 1978
A note on the Aurochs from Charterhouse Warren Farm Swallet R.F. Everton
Flint Crevice Excavation and Adjacent Surface Assemblages. Fry’s Hill, Axbridge A. Everton.
A Report on 26, High Street – including reports on the excavation, the pottery, animal bones, a building survey & an extract from the printer’s accounts A. Everton
Nordrach. The History of a Place Name R.L. Burgess

July 1976 – April 1987

News Sheet no.73 September 1983
Medieval Pottery from Sharon Farm, Clewer-  Vince Russett
Wellington House, Cheddar – John Page
Axbridge Playing Field – discussions reported in the Mendip Gazette 1949 –  Joyce Kirk

News Sheet no. 75 November 1983
Earth works at Bradley Cross, Cheddar – Vince Russett

RETROSPECT published from 1988 to the present

The Burghal Hidage – Axbridge: Michael Batt.  publ. 1975
The Square, Axbridge.  Geoffrey B. Hobbs.  publ. 1983
H.M.S.Goathland.  B.Rowland
The Axbridge Archaeological Pottery and Glass Survey.  Coleman-Smith & B. Rowland.  publ. 2002

The Mayor of Axbridge: Richard Trew 1793 – 1874.  Virginia and Stanley Castle.  publ. 1993


Newsletters 1955 -1976

Journal 1970
Banwell Leer, Deep or Stalactite Cavern J.W. Hunt
The Stalactite Cave, Banwell   C. Richards
Geomorphological Notes on Haywood Cave, Hutton C. Richards
Ancient Voyagers to the New World J.W.Hunt & R.M.Spark

Journals prior to this are housed in the library in the OCR in Axbridge Town Hall.

Brian Hack, one of our members has, over the years published a great deal of material and, although an amateur archaeologist, his work has been well regarded in academic circles.  He has kindly given a list of all his publications which can be downloaded as a pdf file. Brian Hack Bibliography